Crystal Amor Events   

Designing & Creating for you 

Hi, my name is Julie and I am delighted you have clicked on my website.  

I would love to get to know you and see what we can create together .

 I feel incredibly lucky to do a job I absolutely love !!! 

 As a young child, a teenager and even as a younger woman I have always

created and made things of beauty. 

 Isn't it so hard to know what to do when you're growing up?  

One of the lovely facts about my business was the natural process for me.  

My path in life was always leading towards

the creation of Crystal Amor.

How did my business start? Let me tell you how

Crystal Amor began ......

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My Story

My Beauty Career


I started off my career in the Beauty Trade. 

Working for a variety of companies like Yves Saint Laurent.  After many years I had a career change within an estate agent.  As time went by I missed my beauty and decided to go back to college to gain my beauty qualifications.

I opened my own beauty business 19 years ago. To this day I still run my beauty alongside my wonderful new world of the wedding trade. 


My Creating period

of my life !! 

I  have always loved creating, designing and making things beautiful.

From my home to birthday parties.

 I started restoring furniture.  A love of seeing a piece of furniture restored.

Wedding Table at Night

How did I get into the

wedding business ? 

During this period of my life I had met someone that worked

within the wedding trade creating marquees for

clients. One day I was offered to visit a marquee at a 

stunning stately home.  

When I arrived, I was taken back by its beauty. I was stunned

by the creativity and the design of such a magnificent marquee.

I never knew this world existed, only in glossy magazines.. 

This was my turning point, a new vocation in life.

A life of creating and designing beyond my wildest dreams.

I had finally found my dream job.

Podium with White Curtains

The Start of

Crystal Amor ....

I started off with a friends

40th Birthday Surprise Party. 

Erecting a marquee, dance floor on her patio, DJ, adult games area and decor interiors. 

This was the moment I knew I could achieve creating events. 

During a small time scale of erecting the marquee, I had disaster strike my life. I became paralysed within my right arm and hand. This news was devastating and many months went by having tedious and painful therapies.

My New Beginnings...

Nearly a year had passed when one day I woke up and decided to create something.  A display.

I had a rough plan, but as time went by my plan got bigger and bigger.  

It took 9 months for me to build that tree.  

I now know that building my Tree was my therapy!! I still work, I still have problems, 

but I never gave up this dream...

From creating my tree I created my perfect job 

Crystal Amor Events 

The Reason I Love My Life and My Work 

My pride and  joy are the reason I have kept going with my dreams to achieve

Crystal Amor !!!  My Children...

You may meet them briefly if you visit

on a day they are with me at my home studio.

They are much older than the photo,

so I am sure my son will do the teenage 

grunt and my daughter will be rushing out 


Now I Am Reaching

My 5th Year 

Crystal Amor Events became my reality, my joy, my creativity and my design. 

My dream job and I love every single moment of all the mayhem the wedding trade brings. 

It definitely is not a 9 to 5 job !!! 



West Quay - Newhaven - East Sussex - England -  BN99GG 

White Plants
Wedding Cake And Champagne Flutes On Tab